Project Quality Review Tool™

In 2010, The Standish Group International published their Chaos Report, which gathered information regarding IT projects from several thousand medium to large companies worldwide. The 2010 Chaos Report found –
  • 65% of IT projects either absolutely failed or were challenged
  • 73% of projects with labor cost less than $750k succeeded
  • Only 3 % of projects with labor costs over $10 MM succeeded
Due to the time sensitive value proposition of projects, project governance is needed to ensure the quality of the project is being maintained by the project manager and team. The Project Quality Review Tool™, or PQRT, provides that governance. PQRT enables a PMO or project manager to assess the effective use of project management best practices, artifacts, and the quality of those artifacts. PQRT allows you to do the following:
  • Add/Delete/Edit Projects under Review
  • Add and Delete Project Managers
  • Add and Delete Project Reviewers
  • Perform/Update Project Reviews
  • Date Stamp Project Reviews
  • Generate Reports that contain Quantitative Project Review Ratings
  • Compare Project Managers and Project Reviewers for Performance-Based Assessment
  • Configure PQRT™ to work with your favorite internet browser
  • Help files at your fingertips
  • Multi-User Functionality
  • See Project Quality Trending for the purpose of project analysis
Using PQRT™ will provide you with a tool that will enable you to identify project constraints earlier, clarify performance/cost/schedule relationships, improve project performance, evaluate performance of the project team/project manager/project reviewer, and proactively enable you to reduce costs, inform clients of the project quality status, and reconfirm feasibility of/commitment to the project. PQRT will enable you to improve project efficiency which can lead to customer satisfaction. PQRT™ will enable you to proactively keep projects on budget, on scope, and on time - OBOSOT™.

Using PQRT™ will provide you with the ability to identify training opportunities for your project management staff, identify project management subject matter expertise, and a host of other capabilities. Your organization will have a central repository to store project history, lessons learned, that will aid in the continuous improvement of your project management execution and overall delivery effectiveness.

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